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 Kishin the former shinigami

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PostSubject: Kishin the former shinigami   Thu Jan 29, 2009 1:34 pm

Name: Kishin

Real Name: Kishin.

Age: 35,000

Race: Former Shinigami.


Physical Description:
Kishin is a tall man about 6,0 and weighting about 215 pounds and for a shinigami looks very human like, shoulder length black hair that he wears in a messy fasion, he has a rather handsome face having red eyes and serpentine like pupils a third red eye on his fore head which is normally always closed, the third eye does not have a serpent like pupil his eyes glow red at times though mostly don't giveing him a human like apperance.

The only things about his looks that would state otherwise are his eyes and his wings which are angelic like in apperance one white one black featherly both of them, Kishin wears a pure white outfit consisting of a white top with belt like things on the sleeves and middle area, white pants and white boot like shoes, white gloves.

Kishin has only two weapons and that is a 7 foot long black sycthe that he keep on his back, and his death note which is rarely used.

His shinigami eyes, the ability to fly useing his wings, the abllilty to generate massive amounts of electricity from his body to be used in different ways, it can be used as a small shock to give pain or enough to boil someones blood or electrocute someone to death depending on how long kishin is in direct contact with the said person, the said electricity can be used from range 10 feet from kishin anyone farther away then that he can not use it on and even so the electricity has to hit that or he has to tuch the person he is useing it on. He can generate enough to cause a large black out or disrupte electrical equipment.

Kishin is very intelligent being able to figure most things out very quickly such as crimes however he is also very whimiscal and sometimes childish always being bored not above causeing a large scene to ease his ever growing boredom, like all other shinigami all things from the human world are in capable of killing him though he can die just like any other shinigami provided he fell in love with a human and used his death note to save the said person.

He does not look at humans like they are lower forms of life then he is however he is also not above useing them to ease his boredom or even kill them for his own needs, he can be very annoying most times on perpose just to get to others aslo he can be the biggest pain in the ass to just about anyone. He perfers that humans stay alive having a obsession and worry over them one day all dieing as there his source of interist and if they all died his boredom would be out opf control, like all other shinigami he loves apples he is obsessed with them more so then most shinigami and would do anything for them.


Kishin has been a shinigami for a very long time spending most days just to ease his boredom and find something to do, he came to the human world to find something to do amused with the humans and how they acted he found endless ways to amuse himself, his boredom left for a while then he grew bored with the humans and decided to go back to the world of the shinigami. However something brought Kishin back to the human world mention of a a man named kira among other things that interisted him now he spends all his time in the human would watching and sometimes getting involved in all things that happen there.

Personal Desire: To never be bored again and find a endless source of amusment.

Extra:(This is of you want to add anything Extra about your Character)
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PostSubject: Re: Kishin the former shinigami   Thu Jan 29, 2009 1:36 pm

I am Sorry..
I felll in love with......

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Kishin the former shinigami
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