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 dawn the outcast shinigami

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Character sheet
Race: Shinigami
Organization: Wammy House

PostSubject: dawn the outcast shinigami   Sat Jan 31, 2009 3:17 pm


Real Name:kristian




Organization:Wammy House

Physical Description:white hair,6 feet with a white coat,earings, and a chain covering some part of his body

Weapons:deathnote,death gun

Gifts(powers):shinigami eyes and wings with


Character Traits: Dawn is a a childish boy who plays all the time and loves to eat apple espashiely carmel apples, he is sometimes very serious but other times he just being a kid.

Bio:Dawn was a boy outcasted by the rest of the shinigami so he left to the human world,while traviling througth every country he lost his book in a country unkown to him all he remebers about the country was a buliding that said wammy house, so Dawn countinues to look for his book in the human realm then one day he found the place but it was to late someone has already picked up the deathnote so he is bond to that boy named Marluxia

Personal Desire:to have fun while his time last

Extra:(This is of you want to add anything Extra about your Character)

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Character sheet
Race: Human
Organization: Wammy House

PostSubject: Re: dawn the outcast shinigami   Sat Jan 31, 2009 3:30 pm


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dawn the outcast shinigami
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