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 The Trouble Maker Marluxia

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: The Trouble Maker Marluxia   Wed Jan 28, 2009 2:22 am


Real Name:(Unknown)



Physical Description: Jacket, Leather shoes,gloves, and Bell Collar

Weapons:Smoke Bomb Gun,Pistols, Magnium Revolver, Death note

Gifts(powers):Shinigami Eyes

Abilities:(No godmoding please...)He is The Fourth One down the Line Next to Mello,Near, and Matt, Unlike any off them He has the Ability of Strong Sense of Moral Jutice,Reflex,and Strength.

Characterisc:Playful.Annoying,Childish and Loving.

Bio: He was Abandon by his mother in the wammy house. He was raised by Roger as his Successor and His Air.Marluxia Came In fourth Behind Near,Mello,and Matt He had Respected 3 people in his Life that was L,Wammy, and Roger.... Marluxia was a Very Happy Person.. That is how he became Friends with his lover.He then asked her out a year before he left the wammy house. Roger has Set up Marluxia as a New Candidate for L successor.. But he drop criminal Lvl Like Mello and Matt and now is on a Mafia to Catch Watari's Killer.

Marluxia is More Motivated to Catch Kira even if it kills him. unlike Matt, Marluxia is able to Play and Drive at the same time.He was born with the Shinigami eyes, with the Origins Unknown. He posses at Death Note and Always Carried it on his own. Marluxia also has a Friend Shinigami that he can Only see and its name is Dawn.

Personal Desire:Nothing Will ever change..

Extra:-He is Known to be rude from time to time,
-Hates Anything that has sweet or Even a Trace of Sweet in the item
-Loves His Pet Shinigami.
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The Trouble Maker Marluxia
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