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 Stanislav Sladimayatmatoshka

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PostSubject: Stanislav Sladimayatmatoshka   Sat Apr 18, 2009 10:15 pm

Name: The Black Ghost.

Real Name: Stanislav "Stan" Sergio Sladimayatmatoshka.

Age: 39.

Sex: Male.

Race: Human.

Organization: Mafia.

Physical Description: 6' 2'', 210 ilbs, brown hair, former Soviet Union soldier uniform emblazoned with a Captain's insignia.

Weapons: Scopeless SVD sniper rifle attached with a suppressor.

Gifts(powers): He has the tenacity to survive no matter what the odds are, if that can be counted as a gift.

Abilities: He has SPETSNAZ military training, therefore, he is very highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, firing with any sorts of weaponries and he also happens to have a specialty in driving. Another thing to note about him is that his specialty involves taking down many trained opponents, since he was a former commando himself. His very aim with his weapon is deadly and honed to a point most would consider him "Bulls-eye" due to his accomplishments in sniping people.

Character Traits: Cold, intelligent, cruel and straight-to-the-point, it is usually how he would act. There are at times where Stan would act merciful, but it is only to those who have proved themselves worthy to earn his respect. To most others, he would not even have a second thought on killing them cruelly. It goes as part of his nature, ever since the war he was in. He usually has a hunch, and most of those times, the hunch never fails him. It was what allowed him to live on for a long time. Although the hunch in fact is nothing more than calculation based on what happened and what will transpire. It will involve having him think over everything and plan out everything accordingly. Earning him effectively the reputation of being a strategist.

Bio: Born into a poor family in Kiev, Stanislav had a rough childhood. Throughout his time, he was taken up into school, he was fed countless propaganda by the Soviet Union's schooling. As such, Stanislav became an embittered man, and an angry one. He dropped out of school at the age of 17, just one more year for graduation. He did it in favour of joining the military, which he did.

Because of his distinctive physical features and the scores he had on his education before dropping out, Stanislav was placed into the SPETSNAZ without his family's knowledge, and in doing so, he was thought of as "missing" or even "dead". This allowed him to be trained up and put into duty, mostly being drilled everyday. His services in combat were needed seriously when the Soviet Union was invading a neighboring country by the name of Afghanistan. He was one of the first frontline soldiers to be deployed there as a paratrooper in a very elite division, at the time, he was but a normal corporal. This division was the toughest and elite of all the SPETSNAZ, having led most of the invasions on important lands.

It was during the time of the occupation that actually scarred Stanislav. It was like a personal Hell for him since the soldiers had no idea where they were hit and attacked, leaving most of them, including Stanislav; paranoid. It would be several long months before Stanislav was pulled out prior to the end of the war. It was at that point that Stanislav became a Captain, but it was also the most traumatic experience for the soldier. The Captain later on saw his post in East Germany as a guard to the borders.

It was later, he was pulled out when the Germans started reuniting and the Soviet Union was collapsing. He saw himself out of the job, having been laid off as an "honorable discharge". This saw to him having to spent 7 long years in bitterness and sorrow. It was later, he found a job in the Russian Mafia, having the chance to work as an enforcer and a hitman for them. (It isn't the same Mafia Mello is in, rather an entirely different one.)

Personal Desire: None, but to get by life as long as he lives, and to make it through to old age.


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PostSubject: Re: Stanislav Sladimayatmatoshka   Sun Apr 19, 2009 2:32 am


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Stanislav Sladimayatmatoshka
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