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 Yiya Fyodorovna

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Arcueid Brunestud

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Character sheet

PostSubject: Yiya Fyodorovna   Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:09 am

Name: Yiya Fyodorovna

Real Name: Arcueid Brunestud

Age: 17

Sex: female

Race: Human

Organization: NPA

Physical Description: Yiya long blond hair with one piece of bang in the middle of her face going to her chest, white shirt, yellow eyes, white jeans, white boots, and three earrings in one ear and two in other. Yiya always wears wars something that is white because that's how she is. She always has a piece of the bangs in her eyes. She also wears anything of the day because she always trying to figure out what she wants to wear.

Weapons: gun

Gifts(powers): Mystic Eyes of Death Perception

Abilities: able to feel one person's pain

Character Traits:
Yiya Fyodorvna is secretive about the organization's goals she only wants people like L to accepted her so she is very trustworthy she is also kind and sweet towards L but very cold towards the Kira. She is very softspoken and very calculating in her ways of thinking of a plan up to make it work for the National Police Agency to work she relies heavily on the boss's strategies to make the plans work. She only wanted to get her revenge upon the Britannians so towards the Kira she is coldhearted. She is awfully cute-like when dares to attack Kira.

She is awfully shy around the other people she just adores L from the bottom of her heart. She is awfully shy around the students of National Police Agency because she doesn't know how to deal and because she doesn't know what to say to them unless they are in the Rebellion then she opens up her heart and speaks to them. She doesn't talk much because she doesn't get along with people much, but she's always speaks about Zero and her leader in the highest regards, but when it comes towards the Britannians she speaks about them in the lowest regards. She is often seen with a notebook in hand because when it comes towards battle against Kira time she wants make sure that the plans are real planned out and asks L if he is alright by them. Yiya is always trying to make friends with Zero because she wants to be friends with Zero just because in her eyes Zero is everything towards her. She knows what is like to be unloved by her own parents

Yiya is cheerful, active, strongly competitive, resourceful, who feels people’s pain and feels what they feel in their hearts she reads several moves ahead at the same time. She can change from being a sweet girl to being coldhearted girl if it completes the mission. She is very much feeling anyone's pain and feels what they feel in their hearts. She never wanted to be regarded as a traitor

Yiya was called the Homicidal Blonde by her adoptive parents cause she didn't care if anyone was with her or not, but she never had any friends or real family because she pass from one family to another just because she didn't wanted to changing her last name to meet their standards. She liked L for all he standed for and what the he wants to bring down Kira did because she felt the same way towards the Britannian she joined the NPA cause she wanted to and because she hates the hatred Kira. Yiya hates the Kira because Kira killed her real parents because her parents were not criminals, but they killed all the same. She is born in Moscow, Russia, but also to a japanese woaman. Her father was in the Interpol.

Personal Desire: To see Kira going down

Extra: Yiya could be a little shy, and quiet if she doesn't know a person
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PostSubject: Re: Yiya Fyodorovna   Mon Apr 20, 2009 10:41 am


and good description.

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Yiya Fyodorovna
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