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 Character Sheet: The Infamous Wedy.

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Character sheet

PostSubject: Character Sheet: The Infamous Wedy.   Fri Mar 13, 2009 1:31 am

Name: Wedy

Real Name: Renee

Age: 15

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Organization: Allies

Physical Description: 5'3'' is weighing at around 110. Wedy's hair color dirty blonde. Many varieties depedning on if it's clean and her mood.

Weapons: AK 47, Pistol, and 44m rifel.

Gifts(powers): Way of calming others down, and helping with love life.

Abilities: None

Character Traits: Is not liked that much when ticked off. Most people say that they laugh along with Wedy when in a good mood, and is alot caring for others when she needs to be, and when she is not, she tries helping as much as possible.

Bio: Was born into a medium sized city, had a big family with alot of loved ones with her. Wedy then grew up into a kind-hearted woman and has a copmpassionate side for her close friends and lover. She had been in fights with some of the wrong people before, not to metnion with some wrong perople. But soon enough she has learned from those mistakes (some not all)

Personal Desire: Not sure yet.

Extra: Chocolate is her weakness. And so is her baby.

Love Leprechun
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Character sheet
Race: Human
Organization: Wammy House

PostSubject: Re: Character Sheet: The Infamous Wedy.   Fri Mar 13, 2009 1:36 am


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Character Sheet: The Infamous Wedy.
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