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 The great Watari

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PostSubject: The great Watari   Fri Feb 06, 2009 3:13 am


Real Name:Quillsh Wammy

Age:Late 70's



Organization:Wammy House

Physical Description:He is about 5'10,White hair,White Beard,Black Butler's Suit.



Abilities:Monitor's More than 10 Pc's,He is an Inventor, Sharp Eye's, Highly Intellegent,Ect.

Character Traits: -Calm
-Very Old Fashion
- Always on the move
Bio: Watari was born in May 1 1933, He is L's Mentor and Friend. Watari's Was a Famous Inventor that Founded the Orphanage Name the Wammy House. He Tooked L in and Raised him as his Son and taught him how to become a Gentleman.He also Began to take in alot of Kids With Special Gifts and Began to send them into the world with his Orphanage teaching them how to become people in the world itself.He Also began to Raise L's Successors as He raised Beyond Birthday or B.

He has Began to Take an Interrest on the Kira Case. He Began to Collect Info On the Kira Case.He knew that he wasnt going to long last to long.Not Mutch is known about him other than he is a Famous Inteventor and He is A Father Figure to L

Personal Desire:To Help L In Everyway possible

Extra:-Hates Messy's Room D<
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PostSubject: Re: The great Watari   Tue Feb 10, 2009 2:19 am


Welcome to Death Note RPG..

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The great Watari
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