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 Plot Development

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PostSubject: Plot Development   Sun Feb 01, 2009 7:10 am

Plot: If L wouldnt Had die and Light Would Have gotten away. This Is the Main Purpose of the Site. The What If's. There are More Death notes that had fallen down to the Human world and The world Has turn into Chaos. The are Numberous people being killed both Criminals and Innocent people L needs Help and has called Both Mello and Near to help him capture the Kira's That all over the world. The Time is 2001 and Both Near and Mello have team up to arrest Kira as Light Confess to L that He is Kira and That He will Help Catch the Other Kira's if L agree's to forgive Lights Previous actions and Promise Him not to go to jail for the Early Kira Killings. In the Wammy House there is a Kira but he is trying to Catch the Kira's that are Killing in Japan.Apperantly Shinigamis Were Getting Bored as Ryuk and Began to Throw There Notebooks around the world Thus People Like Children and Teens Picked up the NoteBook and Have begun there Own Personal Vendetta and The World Is Control by complete Chaos.
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Plot Development
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